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Learn Excel Charting in just one day!
- Charting Kits by PremiumSlides

Learn about Excel data visualization with awesome PermiumSlides charts and products. Become a charting genius overnight. Create dynamic bar, line or pie charts with an outstanding look never before seen in Excel. Understand the secrets of how professionals use Microsoft Excel.

Excel Charts by PremiumSlides


Create minimalistic charts, which are easy to read.

Display your data in brochures or books.

Excel Chart Templates for Microsoft Office

Charts and figures have become an integral part of most presentations. Big data is a topic at many conferences and data-supported decisions are made on a regular basis. Data is all around us and is most effective when visualized. Charts will make or break your presentation and it is necessary to show your data in the right way to convince your audience. But it is not only the right chart design that is important, it is also necessary to select the right chart type for various types of data.

About Excel Chart quality in Presentations

Not only presentations, but also publications and brochures gain in value with proper charts, as you can see below. So why do many presenters and creators have only poor Excel chart quality in their PowerPoint presentations and documents?

There are many reasons why the chart quality is often very low:


Somebody else, other than the presenter, created the chart and picked the wrong chart type, because they were not good with figures.


The chart creator doesn’t have time to format the charts.


The chart creator does not understand how to create perfect charts in MS Excel.

This is a frequent problem most companies have in many areas, not just chart creation. There is less time for chart creation, not enough knowledge and no one has time to teach the teams on the job.

If you're a consultant and charge top dollars for your work it does not appear sensible wasting your time exploring applications like Microsoft Excel.

Being aware of this and getting feedback from customers about this issue, the PremiuSlides Charting Kit has been created to train you on the job. It teaches:


Which kind chart type you should pick


How to style your chart simply and effectively


How to create new shapes and styles


How to integrate charts in other documents such as MS PowerPoint or MS Word.

These compact kits will expand your charting skills overnight. Learn more about the PremiumSlides Charting kit here.