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Turkey Map - Editable Map of Turkey - Template for PowerPoint

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Premium PowerPoint Map of Turkey . This detailed PowerPoint Map Template shows Turkey states, biggest cities and the Turkey state capital. The Turkey PowerPoint Map is hand drawn and fully editable in size and color.

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Resizable without loss of quality
Fully editable in Size and Color
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Details about Turkey Map - Editable Map of Turkey - Template for PowerPoint

Premium PowerPoint Map of Turkey . This detailed PowerPoint Map Template shows Turkey with states names and biggest cities including the Turkey capital.The Turkey PowerPoint Map is hand drawn and fully editable in size and color. Every state can be extracted simply.

Specific territories can be highlighted easily with just 2 clicks in PowerPoint. The extensive Map Guide, which is included in this package, shows the easy steps of adjusting the map to your needs.

Stunning features are delivered with this map template of Turkey

The map template of Turkey is fully editable in Microsoft PowerPoint

These exceptionally detailed PowerPoint maps are completely editable in size and color. Each country, county or state (depending on the map) can be extracted or highlighted. Because of the top quality you can resize any map without any loss of quality. This is important if you want to print your PowerPoint Slides.

Up to 14 Multiple Color themes for Turkey are already included

There are up to 14 different color designs shipped with all this PremiumSlides map package. You can change all colors of your map with just one mouse click. This makes it simple to include maps in your own presentation. The colors have been picked to look great in combination. To work with PremiumSlides Maps for PowerPoint you do not have to be a design expert to have great looking slides in your presentation.

Effortless and fast – the PremiumSlides Selection Lists for PowerPoint Maps

Save your time and select the countries with our comfortable Selection list tool. Click on the desired country and color the shape with one simple click. All countries in the selection list are in alphabetic order and effortless to find. You can also select the state on your map, and the state wil be highlighted in the selection list. Most of our maps are delivered with a selection list. Please check product details. (Due to technical disadvantages of Microsoft Office for Mac, Selection Lists are only available for PC.)

State and Cities are shown on Turkey PowerPoint Map

This PowerPoint map is provided with state and capital name tags. All views are well structured. Country and city tags can be hidden with just one click if you prefer a blank map.

Direct download for Microsoft PowerPoint

We guarantee that all our products work with Microsoft Office newer than Office 2003. You can work with our maps and shapes not only in PowerPoint but likewise MS Word and MS Excel. All files even work on Office for Mac. Only the Selection list add on is not supported by Office for Mac. You do not need any new plugins or any other software! Just launch PowerPoint and work straight away. You can download your purchased map files and slides directly after purchase.

Facts and information about Turkey you can use in your presentation.

Turkey is often referred to as Republic of Turkey or simply Turkey. The locals also call the country Turkiye Cumhuriyeti or Turkiye for short. The name means "Land of the Turks". The country's flag has the colors red, white.

Geographic facts about Turkey

The country of Turkey lies 39 00 north and 35 00 east. The region has a total area of 783,562 sq km with a land coverage of 769,632 sq km. About 13,930 sq km is covered with water. Turkey has a total border lenght of 2,816 km and is bordered by the following 8 countries: Armenia 311 km, Azerbaijan 17 km, Bulgaria 223 km, Georgia 273 km, Greece 192 km, Iran 534 km, Iraq 367 km, Syria 899 km. The lowest point is Mediterranean Sea 0 m below sea level and the highest is Mount Ararat 5,166 m. Its mean elevation is about 1,132 m. Ankara is the capital of Turkey and can be found 39 56 N, 32 52 E.

Population and life in Turkey

In July 2016 Turkey had a population of 80,274,604 people. In 2015, 73.4% of the population lived in cities. The annual growth rate of urbanization is 1.97%. The residents of the country are called Turk(s). The Turkish population has a median age of 30.5 years. The median age for males in 2016 was 30.1 years, and 31 years for females. The estimated growth rate of the Turkish population in 2016 was 0.9%. Looking at life expectancy, the Turkish people live an average of 74.8 years (males 72.5 years, females 77.3 years). Statistically, Turkish women give birth to 2.03 children in their lifetime.

Turkey and its economy

The estimated gross domestic product in 2015 was about $1.589 trillion, with a growth rate of 3.8% compared to 2014 (GPD 2014: $1.53 trillion, growth rate 2.9%; GPD 2013: $1.487 trillion, growth rate 4.2%). The economic sectors of Turkey are: agriculture: 8.1%, industry: 27.7% and services: 64.2% (2015 est.). The country's economy is known for: textiles, food processing, automobiles, electronics, mining (coal, chromate, copper, boron), steel, petroleum, construction, lumber, paper.

Electricity and internet infrastructure in Turkey

100% of the people living in Turkey had full access to electricity in 2016. Among those 53.7% (July 2015 est.) or 42.681 million Turkishs, had access to an internet connection.

Additional Information for Turkey Map - Editable Map of Turkey - Template for PowerPoint

Manufacturer PremiumSlides
Delivery Time immediately - download
Colors blue, brown, green, light brown, light green, light grey, orange, purple, red, white, yellow, cyan, purple
Editable fully editable
License Standard
Mastersupport Yes
PowerPoint Version >PowerPoint Version 2003, PowerPoint Version 2007, PowerPoint Version 2010, PowerPoint Version 365
Slides 12
Selection list yes
Land Turkey

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